Why are Tamil weddings held during day time?

Tamil weddings are amazing and they really give you a perfect feel. If you attend these weddings, you will realize how authentic these weddings are and you also get chance to get exposed to the rituals and the customs they have. In Tamil matrimony you should understand that the wedding ceremony is mostly taken up during the day time. This is because; they feel that during the day the couple will get the blessings from the sun and even from other deities. They feel that if the wedding is conducted during the day time then the good luck would come into their life and the couple will flourish.

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The rituals in Tamil weddings

Tamil weddings are awesome and they give you a chance to enjoy an altogether different culture. If you belong to anywhere in South India, then it means that you would have basic idea about what are the normal customs and traditions. But if you are from some other place then you will find these customs new as well as quite exciting.

Indian culture is quite diverse and as far as the Tamil rituals are concerned they give you a perfect marriage like atmosphere. On the day of wedding the family, the bride and the groom have to get ready for the puja. The puja is conducted at individual places. After that is over, they have to get ready for the wedding. The puja is therefore quite early and it has to be done after the bride and the groom take bath and they wear clean clothes. Generally, simple sari and simple clothing is preferred for the puja. Because then after the puja is over, the bride has to wear heavy clothing. When the groom enters into the mandap he has to then perform the Kashi yatra ritual. All these things take place pretty early. Now, the wedding starts in the mid noon and you will there are so many guests attending the wedding. People from far away places come and they want to bless the bride and the groom. This is the charm of Tamil matrimony.

What happens after the wedding?

When the wedding gets over, you will see that the families will get together and then exchange gifts. The bride’s family will give gifts to the family of the groom. There will be groom family to give gifts to the bride’s family. Also, there will be exchange of sweets and fruits. These things convey that the marriage life will be blissful and amazing. The bride and the groom will have to find out what the priest have to say. They will abide by all the traditions and rituals.

There was a time when people used to hold simple weddings at the temple. But now, the younger generations want good and lavish weddings and so they even plan things like destination weddings. The weddings are fun and you should love being part of them. Tamil weddings are fun and you should not miss the chance to enjoy them.