A programming language is the art of designing an abstraction as to abstract away the complexities upon more and more layers of complexity. Over the past decade, upon the most computationally capable systems, we’re seeing the rise of slow, large-footprint languages. I’m not talking just Electron, I mean Node.js, Python, Java, and even Rust.

The issue isn’t just with laggy UIs, it’s that both, embedded systems, and modern OSs were built with standardization, efficiency, and interaction. With an 60KiB standard library this becomes impractical.


I’ve been developing VSL which is a high-level language that has an equivilent footprint to C. …

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Recently I’ve been working on a project, VSL which is a bare-metal, high-level, compiled language. The problem is with new languages, particularity obscure ones made in someone’s spare-time is it lacks a community or ecosystem. On the contrary you have languages such as C, C++, Swift, and Objective-C which have passionate communities and libraries.

How can this be fixed?

Interoperability is the approach VSL has choosen. They are a couple languages that have native interoperability with other languages, first ones coming to mind are D, and Swift. …


Vihan Bhargava

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