UX is not UI. Full stop.

Dear fellow designers, we are supposed to make things simple and straight forward, easy to understand and fun to interact with.

So what is it with all the UX/UI designer roles out there? Is it UX or UI? Is it strategy or execution? Looks or function?

The reality is that if an employer is looking for a UX/UI designer they just want a good UI designer, right? Because I don’t think they are prepared for a good UX designer coming with a portfolio of applied Design Thinking methodology. They are looking for amazing artwork, smooth animation and the occasional chat bot. But let’s face it this is not what UX designers do.

This UX/UI confusion has been continuously reinforced by designers too. I mean seriously, can we really be good in both? I know I’m good in UX but bellow average in UI. Yes, I can use illustrator and come up with semi decent log-in page but I don’t see myself as graphic designer. I made a choice to invest all my energy and passion in UX: user research, design sprints, collaboration and co-creation. Yes I do my own prototypes and wireframes but that does not make me a UI designer.

In fact, if I’m taking UI jobs as a bi-product of UX I think I will be compromising the entire UI community. Just like UI designer doing a bit of UX here and there.

So let’s make it simple, easy and fun for everybody and get rid of that pesky UX/UI role for good.

Rant over.

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