Dataflow 23 /06/2017

Today Atticus is pensive and nothing can’t bend his thoughts. He is focusing all the daydreams that his mind could generate on Rebecca.

You know, Rebecca is tall, young, auburn, almond eyes shaped, pale ivory skinned and yet totally mysterious for him.

It is like a ‘click’. Several times during the week he can picture her in flesh. Well, time fless and in a sudden another utterly disturbing noise is coming to tear the silence up and distract his attention from the one he liked to think about.

With the two feet back on the ground and his head so far from clouds he just received a message. It was ‘her’. The ‘her’. Randomly, just like that, at 8am while he was on the bus going to work. Atticus was dithering and took a moment to realise how strongly mind and reality could be so connected: just like imaginary electric circuits.

He gave a hint of smile with his mouth and then got back immediately to a flat face expression. He then decided to open the message.

Once again Atticus and Rebecca weren’t able to synchronise their agenda’s and they were forced to cancel their ‘rendez-vous’. Atticus was told to use doodle more frequently…

Now he just switched his minds to rock and garage songs and was obsessed with The Babies and their “moonlight mile” track that made rate his heart rapid.

Atticus was not able to explain anything about Rebecca, music and art. He just want leave it come as it arrives. Step by step. Accidents never happened he was told…