Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK

Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK is apps virtual keyboard the default Android phone the Sony Xperia. Although already available in the Play Store, the Xperia Keyboard can only be installed on Android phones Xperia series. Most of the APK is only compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop to the top, whereas the Play Store version of the Xperia Keyboard it can also be installed on Android 4.4 KitKat.

Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK

Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK for Android KitKat to the top. The application is the result of porting one of the developers from XDA forum, yener90, and can be installed as APK without root access. Same as keyboard app for Android in general, Xperia Keyboard 2018 has the features of word prediction (and emoji) from a wide variety of languages, features swipe, as well as theme support (similar to the one the same Google Keyboard).

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Excess Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK :

  1. The Keyboard Is Equipped By The Emoji-Emoji Very Complete.
  2. This Keyboard Can Be Used In All Android.
  3. This Keyboard Does Not Take Up A Lot Of Ram.

Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK also supports the prediction, words, suitable for You who often use the local language when communicating via text message (SMS, email, WA, etc.) For those of You who use several languages at once, the Xperia has the feature of Smart language detection, which is useful to detect the language of the text that we type in and bend spoons prediction of words based on such language (so we don’t need to change the language manually). How, interested to install the Xperia Keyboard 2018 APK on Your Android phone.

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