To the author of Immortal Talks book, Thank you

In this time and age when even the spiritual Gurus like to enjoy name and fame, thanks for anonymously giving the gift of supreme knowledge through Immortal Talks book.

At a time when everyone is trying to be ‘something’, thanks for declaring yourself ‘nothing’ or Shunya.

And to the Indian Guru who, instead of making you a blind follower, inspired you to wander and find your own truth, thank you.

And how beautiful is that you finally found your truth on a forested mountain after tailing a group of tribal people. Thank you for bringing this wisdom to the mainstream society, to laymen like me who are caught in the vicious cycle of Maya.

At a time when ordinary people of society are crawling through the ‘reality’ weaved by a handful of people who control media, politics, art etc., thanks for making us realize our inner power. Thanks for teaching us how we can create our own reality.

At a time in Kaliyuga when the ancient Indian wisdom is almost lost, and when most spiritual Gurus either pander to popular opinion or talk in complex terminology, thanks for making us realize the illusory nature of this world through thrilling story of ‘the alternate mother’.

Thanks to Mahtangs, the secret disciples of immortal Guru Lord Hanuman, who inscribed these stories, although in the form of complex puzzles. Thanks Shunya for solving these puzzles and bringing these stories to us.

We hear the words like ‘Karma’, ‘soul’ etc all the time. Thanks for bringing the scientific definitions of these terms. Thanks for explaining laws of Karma through the chapter ‘the mermaid’.

Frankly speaking, a lot of people have come in my life and made a mess of memories. My past life is like a paper on which a child has scribbled random lines. But now, after reading the mermaid chapter, I instantly recognize mermaids before they sink me into pool of their bad Karma. Thanks for so lucidly explaining the concepts of attachment, detachment and flow of bad Karma.

And chapter 3! How could a layman like me comment on chapter 3. It is describing the indescribable! Even the great Yogis fail to summon words after a point but Lord Hanuman explained that which can’t be explained. I read this chapter again and again, and every time it seems like I am reading it for the first time.

And the strings of Time described in chapter 4! The western world is still wrapping their heads around the concept of relativity and Time, but this chapter explains it all through a beautiful story.

And the description of spiritual evolution in terms of number of T-strings a soul possesses is extremely relevant in these heated times. People are so hard set in their own beliefs that they don’t see anything further. Scientists are stuck in their ‘beliefs’ (although they hate to use this word to describe their ideas), and devotees are stuck in their beliefs. People of one belief abuse people of another belief. Indeed the vehicles of belief system which are meant to make them realize the supreme truth are broken, hence they are stuck. Chapter 4 will certainly help them see beyond their beliefs, and move towards the state of Shunya, the emptiness.

The Shunya tunnels is another amazing concept. It helps us realize that this world exists even if we aren’t there to experience it. The soul can detach itself from this world and its sufferings.

Thank you for helping us see this world in terms of ‘scenes’ and not ‘objects’. It broadened the scope of our freewill.

Thank you for introducing us to the Ashwin twins at a time when most people are surviving with the help of medicines. The therapy used by Ashwins to heal a body is indeed fascinating. I am sure I will be able to summon their help when I fall ill.

The chapter on defeating death is helpful not only in death, but also in life. I think it should be titled ‘Defeating Destiny’. The story of king and his palace can help a person in defeating destiny. I applied this principle in my relationships, and they are far better now.

Bad dreams used to scare me a lot but not anymore. Now I know how bad dreams are actually good. Thanks for revealing this scientific knowledge on dreams.

I am actually a Shiva devotee. So I have modified this technique a bit. I have replaced ‘Rama’ with ‘Shiva’. That is the beauty of knowledge revealed in Immortal Talks. It tells the principles on the basis of which people can develop their own techniques.

The knowledge of Surrahs-Asurrahs revealed in “Cursed Souls’ is much easier to implement in day-to-day life. It helps me judge people less. Even if somebody hurts, I can see the Asurrahs behind the act and don’t get mad at people. It also helps me stay safe from infection of their bad Karma.

The knowledge I got from this small book is more than I got in my entire life of 52 years. I can’t even imagine what more will come in upcoming books of this series. I am sincerely waiting for Book 2.

Thank you, Shunya, for the Immortal Talks.