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As the world is looming in the shadows of COVID-19, the real hero for India is it’s Kirana stores, which lost it shine due to the modern day trade and e-commerce. Kirana stores made a come back as the E-commerce players are fiddling around with broken supply-chain due to the this unexpected pandemic.

Kirana stores account about 12Million, that means for every 1000 people there are 10 stores through out the country and is the one and only significant last-mile connector to Indian homes and these stores are responsible for 75% of the FMCG products that reaches Indian homes.


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What is Spree Commerce ?

Spree is an open source E-commerce framework built with Ruby on Rails, which helps in bringing your store front live in no time. This platform out of the box comes with the support of an active community, Well documented, supported and maintained plugins , extensions and 3rd party integrations, and its a perfect platform for those who wants to build a scalable & extensible e-commerce business.

What is Woo-Commerce?

Woo Commerce is an open source E-commerce platform built on top of WordPress. It’s a light weight solution or considered as an extension to WordPress which was primarily built for managing blogs and It…

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Recently faced some issues with MySQL after a macOS update, though it was running perfectly on the old version.

The main issues

Though the system-preference pane the MySQL icon says its running but when I checked for

ps -ax | grep mysql

and it didn’t give any trace saying that MySQL is running.

  • Even if we manually stop/start from the preference pane, nothing was really happening, means MySQL was not working for me
  • If you’re also going through the same I request to do a fresh installation of MySQL by following the below mentioned Steps.

Solution for the Pain

  • Check whether there is any existing MySQL processing…

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PostgreSQL is an Object-Relational database management system, its also called as Postgres. The adoption of Postgres has been improving a lot in the tech community due to it’s various advantages. This guide is to give a basic understanding of “How to work with Postgres”.

Installation of Postgres on a Debian Machine

Run the command below.

sudo apt-get install postgresql postgresql-contrib

On Feb 14 2016 Me and my 2 friends together registered our company InternetMango. All happened because we got couple of Projects from outside India, and we executed it very much perfectly within time and the both clients where happy. It was really awesome to see money in the bank account for the first time ever in my life.

But things doesn’t seems to move smoothly, We are really striving, In-fact I feel like am the one whose striving smooth , as 2 of my partners being employed , I personally have to make money for my daily living as…

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Co-Founder InternetMango | Entrepreneur | Programmer | Introvert

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