How Waking Up Early Can Drastically Improve Your Fitness

Let’s come to the point directly without wasting time…

Photo by Vlad Gedroics on Unsplash

Body Clock

The natural body mechanism has a virtual clock inside. This is known as biological clock.

All the activities of the body such as secretion of hormones and enzymes are pre-scheduled. The body naturally is accustomed for sleep during night and active stage during day time.

Hence maintaining a fixed time schedule for sleep and getting up early in the morning is very essential for healthy maintenance of organs and systems of body.

Lose Fat

Researchers in Japan have found that fat oxidation occurs if exercisers work out before breakfast. There’s only good to be said for fat oxidation, the process by which large lipid (i.e. fat) molecules break down, which, in addition to being the kind of weight loss most people want, may also reduce type 2 diabetes.

One Belgian study found that eating a high-caloric diet had no effect on fasting exercisers but caused those who worked out after eating to gain weight (good news for those of us who like to have our cake and exercise too).

Exercising before breakfast mimics the fasting state and can help kick start weight loss. If you have low blood sugar, eat a banana or a small energy bar 10–15 minutes before exercise.

Cortisol Hormone

Early morning is the time when cortisol hormone secretion is maximum. Hence waking up early in the morning helps proper stimulation of all body organs.

Healthier Diet

Not feeling hungry on waking up and lack of time are the top reasons for skipping breakfast. Waking up early gives you time to eat breakfast and to prepare your food for your day.

Here are two tips to eating healthy.

Eating breakfast helps building healthy eating habits by setting the trend. You’ll be less likely to eat junk food during the day if you eat a healthy breakfast on waking up.
Cooking your own food gives you total control over the ingredients and thus over your results. It also gets rid of stress caused by you not finding something healthy to eat at work.

Less Missed Workouts

Training in the morning will prevent missed workouts as long as you wake up early. Unexpected things like long work days will never get in the way: you’ve trained already. Below are few more benefits lined up for you to absorb.

More Energy. Your body temperature drops when you sleep. Exercising increases it which will make you feel more energized after your morning workout. (Although you might need a 30min nap after a hard session).
More Motivation. Although exercising after work reduces de-stress, you need more motivation to go to the gym. Especially if you had a rough day and feel tired. Morning workouts are easier.

If you generally exercise in the morning keep an hour gap after waking up and before you load your back with exercises like Squats. Your spine hydrates at night which makes it more prone to injuries on waking up.

Better Quality Sleep

Going to bed at the same time each day doesn’t work. Sleep will vary depending on your activity levels, diet and even sunlight exposure. One big reason you should focus on waking up time, not bedtime.

By waking up early at the same time daily, you’ll stabilise your circadian rhythm. This will improve the quality of your sleep and make you feel more energised during the day as a result.