Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up
Owen Williams

It’s true that Mac has gone bad for power users. However for folks like me who cannot afford the high devices ( like the surface stuff ) and constantly on the move, it’s still the best development machine. I am not into VR and actually don’t use iMessage at all.

If I could afford stuff though, I might consider the surface but I would circle back to the most recent MacBook Pro. I am on the move a lot and I think, the surface book/ pro/ laptop are just as powerful or just as underpowered when price is brought into the equation.

I will take your word that Mac OS hasn’t changed, but at a developer level, I don’t find anything that has significantly changed in windows and how I work everyday with windows 8 to windows 10. Of course, I am not a power user nor am a hardcore developer like yourself. After almost 15 years with windows as dev platform, I recently switched to Mac and man, I am loving it.

If dot net core keeps its promises, I may never have to open a windows machine again :)