N. Sithamma walks into the clinic. She’s clutching her medical records, filled out by a lady at the registration desk. The room is clean and well-lit. An examination table is set on one corner with a curtain partitioning the room into two.

She is made to sit in front of a large screen-like setup that almost covers the entire wall. She had heard of this unusual clinic from a few people in her village and doesn’t know what to expect.

The medical attendant sits next to Sithamma and starts punching her details into the computer. As she clips a small…

Until just a few months ago in Alluru, a tiny village in Vijayawada Parliamentary Constituency, Andhra Pradesh, the Aanganwadi centre sat right next to a toxic dumping ground. The prominent piece of land was used for dumping medical and wet waste. Such waste, if not disposed appropriately, may result in bacterial contamination that can cause an epidemic. Hence, the dumping ground posed a threat to not just the centre itself, but also residents of the village. Additionally, while waste generated in rural areas like Alluru is typically biodegradable, it is snowballing into a huge problem since it is not segregated…

In a country with a pronounced ‘digital gender divide’ like ours, ‘Bujji’ — a dynamic woman from Somavaram in the Vijayawada rural parliamentary constituency of Andhra Pradesh — comes across as a heartening example of triumphing against all odds. From the very beginning of her association with the Internet Saathi Program launched by Google in association with the Tata Trusts, Bujji has quite literally been breaking the internet with her significant work towards women’s digital inclusion and participation. Her husband’s untimely death due to a sudden lung infection left Bujji with the sole responsibility of her two young daughters. Refusing…

“So do you know what you want to do after your bachelor’s in computers?” Pat comes the reply — MBA finance — from the nineteen year old girl. Surrounded by translators and sanitation volunteers, I look up from my notes to see that they all have the same proud smiles on their faces. As they should.

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Picture of Lakshmi (L) with her Mother (R).

Three years ago, Lakshmi Tirupattama stopped eating in protest when her mother refused to construct a toilet in their house. “I was not interested in constructing the toilet. All I knew was that it would generate a bad smell in the entire house, take…

A tale of Anganwadis in Andhra, redefined.

A passing acquaintance with the social welfare ecosystem in India would be expected to reveal a rather dreary picture — from Anganwadis with no toilets to crumbling buildings that house public schools with a single teacher and primary health centers with no doctors. But, this dire state of affairs was completely unfounded in Krishna district which was dotted with delightfully colorful AWCs that lent brightness to an otherwise barren landscape.

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Before and After refurbishment of AWCs

These colorful AWCs were the result of a project of refurbishment undertaken by Tata Trusts as a part of a multi-sectoral approach aimed…

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The before

An Anganwadi center is a hub for all the health and nutrition-related activities in the village. There are around 1000 Anganwadi centers (AWC) functioning in villages of Vijayawada rural Parliamentary constituency (VPC) and most of them do not have the child-friendly infrastructure, adequate growth monitoring devices and the staff are not skilled enough to implement the objectives of ICDS. This led to an enormous decrease in the enrollment of children and other beneficiaries. These centers can be revived and upgraded with refurbishment and provision of requisite infrastructure to Anganwadi centers.

The intervention

Tata Trusts and VCF is supporting…

An initiative to promote beekeeping as a source of livelihood in Chittoor, A.P.

“If the bee disappeared from the surface of the globe the man would only have four years of life left.” -Albert Einstein

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Honey bees are known since ages for the value to the ecosystem in terms of pollination services and also production of honey which has many nutritional values. The progress of mankind has led to gathering it from the wild to man-made beehives to derive benefits. The practice is known as apiculture.

Hon’ble CM of Andhra Pradesh envisaged that every family in Andhra Pradesh makes an…

The Spice Story: Turmeric Value Chain Project in ITDA Paderu, Vishakhapatnam, A.P.

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Turmeric field in Paderu ITDA Region

Background: Paderu ITDA mandal is one of the perpetual organic hotspot of Eastern Ghats producing variety of spices without applying any nonfarm inputs. This unique feature fetches premium price in national and international market where the lion’s part of the dividend is taken away by the non-producing stakeholders of the supply chain.

SERP-AP took initiative to form product based Farmer Producer Organization under the World Bank funded Andhra Pradesh Rural Inclusive Growth Project in six mandals of Paderu where turmeric was identified as major cash crop along with…

Vijayavahini Charitable Foundation

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