English is a language that helped me the most while at job, while I travel for work , leisure and in many other occasions. For a non-native English speaker like me, there were (and are) so many challenges when it comes to talking and sometimes understanding native English speakers. Attempt here is to think a little about some challenges and how we can overcome those.

Understanding English is different from what I read(of course in my own way), and from what spoken at home country.

  • This is very usual; mother language may have influenced your way of talking and what…

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With some recent events, work from home has become a new normal for at least some percentage of employees. Especially those who are not really needed on the premise are asked to/prefer to work out of home. This may get carried on for a few weeks, if not a month; hopefully not more than that. How effective can somebody work from home? Let’s see the challenges and possible solutions.

  • Time planning

Making your home the new office for a day or two, when you are in a temporary need, may not perfectly desire a full ’office hour to hour’ planning…

Design thinking is an approach to find solutions to creative problems. It always has a human centric core. Hence design thinking is considered a good approach to innovations that suits customer needs. In another way, I call design thinking as way to find and define a real world problem and the most innovative solution from it, through multiple iterations.

Design thinking approach has five stages to arrive at solution. It can have multiple iteration over those five steps to come out at an optimum solution

  1. Empathize- Most critical stage of design thinking, as this is the one that helps to…

The sprint retrospective is the last of the four scrum ceremonies in a sprint. Though this ceremony is the last, it is the one that puts stepping stones for the upcoming better sprints. Below table is a quick guide to a sprint retrospective.

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There are many interesting ways teams can do retrospectives. I will write about one of my liked ways to do retrospection.

Once the event starts, let the team recollect and list out the events that happened during the sprint, over or below a line, that shows the time of the sprint. Scrum master helps to do this…

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The scaled agile framework also known as SAFe is a lean-agile framework designed for quick and coordinated product releases. How different or similar is it to scrum? Why do they go for SAFe?

For the ease of understanding, let’s imagine a retailer having it’s IT wing work on their shopping website. There is a team that work on it’s product page, another on it’s account and payment pages, another one on inventory and the last one on search and recommendations. (In real case there could be many more teams).

In classic scrum world, these four teams would be part of…

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Two days before I write this, over a billion cricket fans were saddened by the exit of a great cricket team from cricket world cup 2019. Their countries expectations were so high on them, many of the players were treated like superheroes by fans. The fans prayed for the team and players, and when they lost at a must-win stage, no one expects the fans to be consolidated by any means.

I myself am a cricket lover for almost three decades. Whenever I played the game in recent times, I thought how long can I play this game, does my…

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For a while, there existed a scrum team working on a cloud-based software product. This team worked on the APIs and backend changes for the application. The team usually had a release every month. For a new program on the same product, the team was asked to work on its interactive front end, APIs and go in a continuous delivery model. The team decided to continue its two-week sprint as before and to use more automation tests to enable continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Here the team is into a few worries.

  • Having more skills on APIs helps; however most…

Interviewers are different and hence interviews can sometimes give surprises. Some of the interviewers are good in finding the best out of a candidate, some are good in making the candidate feel comfortable; but where is the list of skills that the coolest interviewer must possess to make the best interviews. Wait.. is it so important to worry about interviews being stressful and having to try many candidates to get the perfect one? Oh, it’s about the cost to the organization, isn’t? Well, the answer is partly yes. However, the reasons are incomplete with a few of these

  • Organizations don’t…

Often I hear questions from people about how can they move to agile; whether or not the methodology and timeboxed meetings help them achieve what something waterfall used to give them etc. Here are a few points that I have to help them. Please note that I may be referring scrum terms often as agile here.

Understand agile principles well than going with assumptions

The most important homework before the transition is to clearly understand the new agile principles. Without knowing well (definitions and terminology ) about agile /Scrum principles and practices, the transition must not start. Many times people start with waterfall experience and also with what…

We all make mistakes and once known about the mistake, the wise will find the cause and correct it. Here is my list of common mistakes that many will tend to make during scrum ceremonies. And yes with ways to avoid it.

Sprint Planning

Better the sprint planning, positive and productive the sprint is. However, sometimes planning meeting is done without considering all the inputs that it needs. These are the few mistakes to avoid while planning your sprint.

  • Not understanding/ aligning to sprint goal- all your plan must be for achieving the goal of sprint. If you do not understand the…

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