Homemade 2016 Valentine gift ideas for boyfriend or Her

Love is the most beautiful and divine feeling in the world. It is rightly said, “Everything in this world seems beautiful when you are in love”. Although there is no particular day to express your love to someone but Valentine’s Day is regarded as a day on which lovers express their feelings by offering chocolates, flowers, jewellery items and presents, DIY gifts handmade or hommade gifts and others. 
You should also grab best gifts ideas for last minute valentien handmade or homemade gifts for boyfriend — girlfriend! Creating a homemade gift for your boyfriend does not require any special skills or substantial amounts of creativity. Making things by hand that demonstrate how much he means to you can help you say what words cannot. Whether you focus on a special occasion the two of you shared, or just create something uniquely for him, he’ll get the message loud and clear with any of these creative homemade gifts. Explore following creative, unique or best handmade gifts ideas on this 2016 valentine day for you loving one wether girlfriend or boyfriend:

Handmade jewelry box

Gifting a handmade to our loving girlfriend is the best idea for valentine 2016! Turn inexpensive fence-post caps into a pretty jewelry gift box. By itself, the box makes a thoughtful birthday, Mother’s Day or holiday gift. Fill it with sweet treats or a small trinket for a handmade gift they won’t soon forget.
 Oftentimes we can’t find exactly what we are looking for in an accessory like a jewelry box. In such instances, we have three primary options; settle for something that doesn’t fit all of our requirements, adapt something we already have on hand, or make our own. When you want to match your jewelry box to a specific room’s decor, the easiest way to accomplish that is to make it yourself.

DIY — Valentine Handmade greeting Cards

This is a awesome idea on valentine 2016! Instead of buying a Valentine’s card at the mall, put your own personal touch on the card by making it yourself. One idea is to make paper hearts by folding red paper in half, cutting a half-heart and then writing a special note inside. Or, fold a posterboard to make a giant-sized card and write something like, “I love you to Reese’s Pieces” — but glue on the chocolate bar instead of the words. If you want to jazz up your card, then decorate it with dried flowers, glitter, lace and pics of you and your crush together. This is best valentine gift idea!

Mason Jar Ideas to make by hand

Do something creative on this 2016 valentine day!Great mason jar ideas are everywhere! I’ve used them to make a gift in a jar, desserts in a jar and a date in a jar. As I look through What’s In The Gunny Sack, I noticed that many of my readers have some fun ways to use mason jars for Valentine’s Day and knew it would make a great round up! Try this valentine special gift!

Memory Box

To make your valentine 2016 memories eternal make a memory box! Purchase a plain memory box from a craft store; a shoebox would also work. Use your creativity to decorate the box, including stickers, scrapbooking die cuts, or even decoupage.

Candied Hearts

This is a great idea if ya happen to have any candy canes left over from Christmas. It involves using a hot glue gun, so your mom or dad will have to help you out. Line up two candy canes to form a heart and attach it with glue (make sure to keep the candy cane wrappers on). Tie the top of the candy cane heart with ribbons and other fun decorations.


Chronicle your love for your special guy by scrapbooking your relationship. Decorate each page with pictures, stickers, ticket stubs, and maps of your favorite destinations together. read more…