“Travel Safe”. I just wished a friend on an International work trip from Boston. And that got me thinking. Among frequent business travelers this used to mean I wish you no delays, a smooth flight, score an upgrade, no screaming kids beside you, your bags arrive at the same airport at the same time with you and so on.

One big variable — like me, he is a not a white American. And regardless of our religious preferences or lack thereof, simply because of ignorance and the color of our brown skin, in this day and age we are the Trumpian default — a “Radical Islamic” terrorist. Americans like us have a bulls eye painted on our back inviting every overzealous CBP, ICE and their ilk, every kook with a gun who will want us to go “back to where you came from”, all of whom are inspired and motivated by the anger and fear fomented by the President.

So even if my friend is a veteran who served this great country of ours, when I wish that he “Travels Safe”, it is more than a simple Bon Voyage — it is really a prayer.

Every time we step out of the house to catch a flight, to have a drink with a friend after work in the neighborhood bar, mow our lawn, work our small business, fill gas at a service station or perform any other such mundane activity, we pray and hope we return home alive to our loved ones..

Sadly, in spite of the vast majority of Americans who will never even think of doing any such harm to another fellow human being, because the few that feel emboldened, that they have been given the license to kill in this national atmosphere of fear, rage and desperation fostered by the rabid rhetoric of the Presidential elections and the daily reinforcement of that rhetoric through his inflaming tweets since the election, this is the state of affairs today in our. great Nation — the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Winter has come. As have the Dark Ages. God Bless America. Really!

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