Hello, 2018!

A new start.

2018 is here, another year, another chance to take a good look at what I have done good and what to do better in the coming year. This year I would like to be more mindful, accumulate less junk, and create.

more mindful

Always wanted to be mindful, but have never been. I will be meditating every day and hope to be mindful of my thoughts and actions in my daily day-to-day tasks.

less junk

I have been buying stuff and adding thoughts to my mind without thinking much about it. I will work on thinking twice before buying that thing on Amazon, work on reducing things to do on my list, and work on a minimalist routine to my daily life. I believe the lesser the items on my list, the more the time for me for quality living — family and learning.


I have always been consuming a lot — twitter, medium, whatever. I will work on creating more — code, writing, whatever. There is always abundance of knowledge out there. I believe this year will be the time when I contribute back, experiment and learn along the way…