I reveal unto you this message of peace.

Your vibration and frequency, now must increase

The time has come, those days are over

Living one crisis after another

What you allow, is what will continue

Embrace a shift, another milieu

Vibrational matches, you will soon attract

Stop being a victim, don’t feel attacked

Reveal to yourself, what lies within

Are you aware, all this time, who you have been?

I reveal unto you this message of love

Unconditional below & unconditional above

Illusions will shatter like thin sheets of glass

don’t exist in regret, this too shall pass

New beginnings and big leaps will now resonate

Powerful thoughts shall now activate

Regions within you will eclipse time and space

I reveal unto you this message of light

Today may not feel the best kind of you

Regardless, divinity sees light in you

A hurdle, a person, an age or a legacy

No patterns, no system nor circumstance shall define you

A life of pure joy may still seem elusive

For years to yourself, you have been abusive

The light, you thought, that left years ago

Remains diminished, blame your own ego

You’ve kept yourself busy, there’s so much to do

The stars, the universe will still outlive you

I reveal as above, I reveal so below

The higher self will soon bestow

To do what you do, when you do wish to do

Abundance this way will take care of you.

Subtle signs will suffice, you won’t need a clue

This moment right now, is where one needs to live

Here in the moment, devoid of all sorrow

Neither living yesterday nor living tomorrow

And here in the chaos within the silence

With echoes of stillness, in absence of violence

This is the sign you’ve been waiting for long

Those yearning for music, here is your song

I conclude my message and have this to convey

Embrace the shift, leave all games at play

In divine timing at the end of the day

What will get better is what will stay, everything else will all wither away.