“Vijay, we are pleased to offer you a job as a data analyst at our esteemed company. We feel you are the best fit for our company’s values and culture…..”

I wake up to my job offer letter on a Tuesday morning, after a long night of applying for 30+ job applications — around 403 in total since the pandemic hit in March 2020. I was thrilled beyond words; my turtle seemed excited too. I was getting a job in Mia-freaking-mi. Living in Florida had been a distant dream for me, and now getting a job in Miami, the magic…

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Judgment: The ugly and the beauty.

This one thought, though quite dormant enough to act upon, always lingered somewhere in my brain: At what precise moment do we judge others based on their physical attributes? Is there an evolutionary argument to this?

Let us first go over the general set of judgments we make when meeting a stranger. Every blink of your eye, a silent shutter sound with an invisible flash, captures an essence of the stranger. First blink: click facial characters, second blink: click voice, third blink: click style… which keeps going on until one takes a…

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Nightmares may be terrifying, but they aren’t real and cannot harm you. At least that’s what parents or friends say when you have one. But what happens when you have a real-life nightmare from which there is no waking up and the danger is real?

According to science, we developed fingernails even before we were born. They distinguished primates from other mammals. Grabbing onto things, removing dirt from clothes, scratching an itch has never been easier without them. But unfortunately the stories below paint an alternative picture of the uses of fingernails consequently expanding the above list. …

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Atheism meant disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods at a time when there wasn’t any tangible evidence of a physical God; only stories of supernatural beings that passed on in order to muster cooperation among Homo sapiens. Data religion now makes it possible to envision the rise of physical gods. How will atheism adapt in the presence of actual data gods? Will it break or reinvent itself in the coming years?

To get an understanding of some of these apparent data gods’, let us delve into the fantasy world of Westworld. (warning: spoilers ahead)

Credit: Photo by John Tekeridis from Pexels

Yes, you read it right. What could possibly happen if Spotify added dating services in addition to music?

Spotify and Tinder, two billion-dollar companies from the valley, have something in common: they help people fall in love. Human emotions and logic are two different things; in Tinder, singles are connected by logic (algorithm) and not by emotion as we are unable to see through a person on the app. Well, you can still add your Spotify playlist on your Tinder bio for other people to see, but I am talking something beyond. …

Vijay Ravi

[He] is an aspiring data engineer, writer, and guitarist who apparently daydreams at night.

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