A mother is a mother.. A saint is a saint

I remember once during my childhood I had jaundice and my reports were bad.. I still remember on how my amma took me to the top doctor to get the best treatment. When his medicine dint work she took to another one.. got expert opinion from Bengaluru.. She served me healthy food.. Sterilized everything that I touched.. Never told me that my suffering was because of my carelessness towards god.. While I was sleeping she used to pray for my recovery.. and then I recovered.. I have hundred such stories to tell about my mother.. Not just me, we all have such stories.. Mothers are always selfless & their love is unconditional.. Where as Saints are realised people who help the needy as per their own spiritual experience.. They dont believe in alternatives.. Their path is very painful but some feel it’s worth the journey.. I am very proud that Mother Teresa will now be called Saint Teresa.. She was a true Saint.. not a mother..

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