Reduce the dependence of businesses on Black Magic people

Doing business in India has one hidden danger. The Black Magic people. To reduce the dependence on Black Magic people to run the business, I propose the following initiatives:

Reduce money on non-core initiatives

Avoid spending money on non-core / admin activities — HR, background check agents, social media monitoring and office parties. All these activities are fun but they increase the exposure of your employees to Black Magic people outside the company boundaries.

Educate employees on Black Magic

Usually, single men who get their first jobs are victims of Black Magic. They do not know about this aspect of woman and do activities which lead them to more and more Black Magic.

Some well meaning people also save quite a bit of money and then spend that money on real estate. Real estate increases the exposure to Black Magic people. Especially, do not deal with fringe real estate agents.

Also encourage people to focus their investments on stocks, bonds, mutual funds or reinvest money in companies they create.

Charities and NGO

Do not give money to NGO — charities. Other than real estate, charities are infested with Black Magic people. India is a poor country. But Black Magic agents have the tendency to hold the under-privileged as hostages to conduct their Black Magic activities. If you are rich like Azim Premji, please donate money to the poor. But if you are working an MNC as an employee, please do not give money to charities and expose yourself to Black Magic agents.

Make the government accountable

Keep government spending and taxes to the minimum. Government in India is a big source of Black Magic. For example, BESCOM in Bangalore houses the best Black Magic agents in our country. Government employees do not care about people and they indulge in bribes and corruption. They also do a lot of Black Magic to find victims to bribe and so on.

Make the government accountable. Make sure that government receives lesser money and hires lesser people. Ensure that minimum wages are high so that only few people remain in government services. In that way, we can reduce the number of Black magic people in the government.

Treat SPAM email and cold calls seriously

The number of SPAM emails and cold calls that you receive is directly proportional to the amount of Black Magic people who are monitoring you. If you receive cold calls especially on charity, report it immediately to TRAI. TRAI does not encourage cold calls in India. Also install True caller to detect SPAM calls and SMS. And finally use the SPAM filter in your email to ensure that no unwarranted people contact you.

Action summary

  • Reduce spend on HR, social media, background checks, etc.
  • Don’t deal with fringe real estate agencies.
  • Don’t give charities to NGOs.
  • Put pressure on government to reduce staff and increase wages.
  • Report cold calls / SMS to TRAI.
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