Here’s to great beginnings…

My name is Vijay Thampy. I’m an MBA student in this year’s cohort at the Cambridge Judge Business School (yes, that Cambridge!).

It’s a quiet evening to a lovely Saturday here in Cambridge. I’ve been looking to document my MBA year in Cambridge, and this blog seems to be the best way there.

I’m going to have a few introductory articles this week, with some broad buckets. I’m going to split up my writing into three buckets. These are school work, life in Cambridge, and a log of my professional development.

I’d also like to focus on developments in the automotive industry. I’m quite interested in understanding, and helping to solve the problem of how our roadways deal with traffic.

I’m hoping to write once a week at least, with updates on Sunday. I’m going to host this on Medium for two reasons. Firstly, I think Medium is cool. Secondly, I like that my words come across without ornamentation.

P.S. I’m going to use the Hemingway application ( to help me improve my writing!

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