Moving to Cambridge — Day 1

On the 18th of September, I took a combination of Qatar Airways flights to get to London. The flights themselves were unremarkable, partly because everything went to plan. I landed in London half an hour ahead of schedule, but the long shuffle at the Border Force wiped out any time gains.

Arathi and I had planned for me to convert currency at the airport, but after 17 hours of being in transit, I forgot to. I went and picked up my rental car at Avis, and started the drive up north to Cambridge. At the third round-about, I realised that I had no money on my person — ah, well.

After getting stuck in Friday evening rush hour queues, I got to Cambridge in two hours. I found the college well enough, and got the keys to my room. Moving in involved three suitcases up two flights of stairs. I found the correct flights of stairs only after having walked around the entire block.

I corralled my luggage in the apartment and decided to put my jet lag to good use. I returned the rental car back to Avis, half way across town. I used an open source Android mapping app, and had no trouble getting where I needed to be.

Right after signing the paperwork, I stepped out into the first Cambridge drizzle for my year. I found out that the 10 minute drive was actually an hour’s walk. I surprised by self by just shrugging my shoulders and getting on with it.

After getting home, I jumped into a welcoming hot shower. I thought I’d go to sleep right after, but I still had to make the bed before I could achieve that. One thing led to another and soon, I had unpacked every bag and stacked them on top of the cupboard!