Starting class

It’s been a decade since I last stepped into a lecture theater. The anticipation built over the last eight months finally came to a head in the morning of 21st of September.

I had met a few of my friends at an afternoon tea the day before, but it was neither here nor there. The Monday morning was quite busy, with welcome addresses and a class photo!

The Judge Business School Class of 2016.

The class spent the rest of the week getting used to their new study groups, and two core courses. With MBA mixers (organised and otherwise), I’ve gotten to meet a diverse cohort. The class has people born across two decades, giving rise to a great cross section.

The MBA team ensured that administrative tasks did not waste anyone’s time. An external consultant introduced us to networking on the first day, just before lunch. A school-wide mixer on Wednesday and a BBQ on Friday capped off the official mixing for the week.

The first week has us already scrambling for our texts and notes. Jochen Runde and Stefan Scholes have managed to hold my attention for more than three hours at a stretch. It’s been a while since I got tired sitting in class!