How To Pack Light

Vijay Chandar
Aug 11, 2018 · 3 min read

After travelling for years, one thing that remains most challenging is packing for every trip. The airlines had spiked up baggage fees and lots of luggage means you are going forget something in the hotel. Moreover, heavy luggage may hinder your travelling experience. So checking packing everything in a bag or two is always the best choice for travellers. But that is a Herculean task so we have decided to drop some hints about How to pack light in every possible scenario.

Long vacation trip:

The first thing about this kind of travel is you are going stay away from home for more than one week. So it is imperative to have some knowledge about packing light. Just imagine yourself navigating through new places lugging 15 days worth of clothes. Hectic, isn’t it? The first and foremost thing about packing light is reducing the number of clothes you use during the travel.

Always try to pack some lightweight clothes. These types of clothes will make the best use of your suitcase room. Light weight clothes can be used as a base of your jacket so you can wear the same jacket for your entire trip. If you are opting wear denim or jeans then make sure that they are multi-purpose. Like a denim pant that can be zipped down and worn as shorts. Jeans with several pockets can be used to store your gadgets like cell phone, Chargers, i-pod and headphones.

You can utilise the laundry service in your hotel to wash off your clothes every day. There is no thumb rule to wear a new dress every day during vacations. If your hotel doesn’t help with laundry then there will be always a laundromat in every place. People who are uncomfortable with laundry can use their bathroom and let their clothes dry overnight.

Please try to find your old clothes and use them during your vacation. You can either dispose these clothes or donate it for the needy people. Trips can get really expensive when you are overshooting airline baggage limits. This could be a real concern because many of us will purchase a lot of things during our travels and baggage weight will get almost doubled. You avoid this by mailing some things home. This could seem expensive but it is very much when compared to what airlines are charging for extra baggage.

Business Trip:

Light packers look professional, but the biggest challenge for business people is that they have to wear new clothes for everyday. This along with their gadgets like laptop and mobile phones will make their suitcase bulkier.

They can avoid carrying heavy suitcases by opting for neutral coloured suits that can be worn with different shirts. They can also use several ties to give a fresh feel for every meeting. Women can pair their suit pants with buttoned down shirt for dinner. Packing laptops for business meetings is a thing of past. Latest Smartphones can now serve the purpose or you can make use of computer kiosk services in hotels.

On the return journey, business people tend to lug those goodies and folders they received during meetings. You can avoid carrying these extra luggages by mailing the goodies and folders to your office.

Apart, from the above-said ideas, there are certain rules that served me well during my travels. I have listed them below:

· Opt for a small suitcase: This will help you in eliminating unwanted things

· Limit your apparels for three days: It doesn’t matter how long you are travelling. Three days worth of apparels can last for a week or even more when you use hotel laundry services

· Wear the heavier items on the plane in order to control the checking in baggage weight.

· Always find the laundry service for your clothes.

· Find some plastic bags to wrap wet clothes.

· Always opt for sachets instead of large containers

· Don’t pack books opt for e-books.

· Opt for garments that can be coordinated with several colours.

· Rolling your clothes will avoid wrinkles and it can make space for other things.

If you have more ideas, please mention those in the comments. We would love to hear it from you.

Content Courtesy: Myticketbuddy

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