Anger management , many of us actually do worry about our anger, it is not about us, but it is at the moment how we REACT, Oh yes!!!! Most of us react, which hurts others, maybe even stings them.

Lot of angry therapies are available online, but the one which will actually help you controlling is meditation & yoga. You can start from just five minutes of meditation even less than that will work but be truthful to yourself and practice everyday, a day of practice will not give results but constant small efforts surely will help you. It also helps you in analyzing any kind of topsy-turvy situation.


A constant meditation helps you foresee your problems, and if in problem you can have your solution in that meditation.

They say, there no other better way of relaxing yourself other than meditation.

And when it comes to anger, you will start falling in love with smile and learn to do that even in the toughest situation and you will be out of the problem, even before you realize it.

I did for a week now and yes, it is helping me.

Try doing it, start it, only the first step will take time other things will follow in its way.

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