Many of us, think we lie brilliantly and our lies are much more convincing than truth. What we fail to remember is truth is spontaneous. Whether you talk truth or lie, truth flows smooth and leaks at the most unexpected moment, just like that. I feel it’s easy to tell truth than hide it or lie.

When you know someone, it’s even easier to identify. It doesn’t matter what they say, it’s what they do not say.

Why people generally lie?

To hide something they feel maybe unpleasant for others and something they are actually warming up to but do not want others to…

A man is a male human. ~wiki.

From my little experience with men, they are super fabulous, ultra cool, kindred, compassionate, lively and lovely homo sapiens.

Dear men, now that I have started with first lesson on how to use adjectives other than nice and reiterate on how awesome you all are, I will continue.

Please note that I meant every adjective here. Men are the most wonderful people especially even when women goes monosyllabic or non stop.

Likewise, women need to appreciate men and give them credit for their patience and silence, especially when women venture into their world of mood swings or tantrums. For men it’s like walking on a tight rope. They have to be careful…

I did not coin this name with great pride. I came up with this self proclaimed title, after analyzing with self, the agonies people face when they deal with me. Please note that I tried really very hard to change my habits. But, habits seldom change.

  • I may wish to talk soft, but I am loud. Really loud that when I stop the conversation(?monologue) the whole room becomes quiet.
  • I have started to explain too much just like previous sentence, I call it as providing clarity by inserting punctuations, brackets inserting further clarifications, it’s tiring even to me. I feel…

I try to recall those times I had,

before I met you...

I see a black and white canopy,

Muted colors on everything..

The tree, mountains, sky, sea..

And my coffee never tasted this good,

Neither my eyes turned soft or flashy..

It was muted colours..

I thought I existed, where I was rooted..

Little I knew my roots longed to wander,

Flailing and floating..

Till it hit on you.. And together we floated

With our wandering roots..

Fresh sceneries, fresh dew, fresh soil...

The sun rises and sun sets..

The dawn and the dusks

Added more crevices to our…

Days like today, when you have lunch with some paneer (cotton cheese) butter masala, knowing perfectly well you are only slow poisoning yourself with all the fat and looking for a short cut to climb into your coffin and settle down waiting for the death to crawl up on you silently.

It wasn’t even 15 minutes, I went inside the dining room at office, bent down to open the tap to fill the water bottle. As I straightened up, I felt bit tipsy, but ignored and walked till I opened the main gate to catch some fresh air. There the…

Few things I do, that may be called foolish, kiddish or funny.

Few practices of mine, I do not have a clue why I do?

  • Start counting the number plates of vehicles that passes me. If the answer is a double digit I count them too, till I get a single digit. Won’t stop there, I count them in three or four permutations and combinations. Before the vehicle disappears, I count at least three or four times till I arrive at the quickest count. For eg., if the number plate reads TN 07- 4759. I will make 7 as 10…

The 46 odd years I had spent in this world. After the words mom, dad, granny, grandpa. The silly tiffs between my parents about whose name I should learn first, his side of family or hers etc., They taught me “thanks” and “sorry”.

If I drop something, “sorry”.

If I sneeze, “sorry”.

To teacher, “sorry”.

To friends, “sorry”.

“Am so sorry, I forgot to charge my phone, will call tomorrow”.

“Sorry! Come again!”.

“sorry, shouldn’t have said that”.

“am sorry that I met you again”.

The most meaningful word, that has turned out meaningless.

The sorry state of “sorry”

“Those three things — autonomy, complexity, and a connection between effort and reward — are, most people will agree, the three qualities that work has to have if it is to be satisfying.” ― Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

This note is for my fellow colleagues at Panamon Technologies, the Panamobz as we fondly call ourselves.

Being a part of startup has its own advantage and disadvantages. Working for a startup requires ‘pace’. Fervent, feverish PACE. Startups when they have a team that is pumped up, self-motivated, work responsibly and not to forget the long working hours, are…

From the rack of untouched memoirs

Somewhere out in an ocean, in a boat bobbling over the waves on a moonlit night, I see myself cocooned in a blanked l was lying on a corner without a worry.

I often see this scene in my dreams, not sure what it means. I had never seen my face or form. Just a lump inside a blanket, but I know it is me. I also get the feeling that I am lying in that boat dreaming about this current life I am living. This is temporary and when I relinquish this life, I will go back to that boat bobbling over the waves on a moonlit night.

The poetry I write, the stories I tell the world, the friends I meet are floating there ready to be grasped hovering over that huddled figure on that boat.

If at all there is a fruit that can make you madly fall in love with it, it has to be Mango.

Mango, a sage in saffron that has the power to open up the gates of heaven.

Whenever I gaze at this rich, succulent, plumpy fruit all juicy, oh! I go so weak on my knees. I had to have it. It needs preparation to enjoy this fruit. You can't just peel and dig in. You hold it, look at the ways it lies on your palm so beautiful. Then take a bowl or go near the kitchen sink…

Viji Suresh

Belongs to this beguiling species, capable of loving 10 different people in 10 different ways, without the intensity taking a hit. #women

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