Why I call myself an agony aunt?

I did not coin this name with great pride. I came up with this self proclaimed title, after analyzing with self, the agonies people face when they deal with me. Please note that I tried really very hard to change my habits. But, habits seldom change.

  • I may wish to talk soft, but I am loud. Really loud that when I stop the conversation(?monologue) the whole room becomes quiet.
  • I have started to explain too much just like previous sentence, I call it as providing clarity by inserting punctuations, brackets inserting further clarifications, it’s tiring even to me. I feel exhausted totally after 5 minutes. I am not sure how exhausted the other side would be.
  • I get impatient, a poor listener these days.
  • Recently I started to repeat things twice or thrice before my mind gives me a kick that I am repeating and I am doing the same thing like my grand mom, mom, aunt etc.
  • I started to snore occasionally and I actually hear me snoring and wake up and control. At least I hope I am in control.
  • Not able to control my bladder and often stop to relieve myself during travels and at nights seen myself fumbling in dark not to disturb others but end up stamping on things, getting knocked on furnitures and wake every one in the wake.
  • I had always thought of myself selfless when i am with friends. Go out of the way to do things to people. But, recently I have started to expect that people surprise me too. This one is the worst vice I ever had in my bone. And taking this as the top most priority to eliminate from my system, I intend to flush this out ASAP. This i take it as my New Year resolution.

Even after completing my New Year resolution, I would still be your agony aunt and stands to win the trophy next year and many more years to come and I am sure, I will add some more points to this list.

Have a Happy New Year 2018 from your agony aunt.

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