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The break came when Suchet Singh came up with a formulation for a shaving cream. He decided to call it Vi-John. “He felt an English-sounding name would work, as there was a craze for imported goods that sold at high prices,” says Kochar.
 Suchet Singh’s hunch was right. Vi-John’s success led him to register his enterprise as Kochar Cosmetics. He set up four factories on GT Karnal Road between 1978 and 2002, which cranked out up to 700,000 units a day. In 2004, the family shifted manufacturing to Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, and split the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business into two divisions — called Maja Personal Care and Maja Healthcare. These two divisions make 15 products and 125 stock-keeping units. The Vi-John brand includes shaving cream, shaving foam and gel, hair removal cream, fairness cream, skin cream, almond hair oil, talcum powder and toothpaste.

Vi-John is available across 2.5 lakh retail outlets and at over 1 million other trading channels across the country. The brand makes over 15 lakh shaving cream packs every month

The company is making improvements in packaging, quality and more importantly pricing, which would be crucial to push it ahead in the value trajectory.

Vi- John has a wide range of shaving creams, shaving foam, shaving gel like-· Shaving Foam for Hard Skin

· Shaving Foam for Sensitive Skin

· Shaving Foam Regular

· Shaving Cream Lime

· Shaving Cream Regular

· Shaving Cream Menthol

· Shaving Cream Premium

· Shave Gel

· Splash (After Shave)

· Vijohn Shave Foam Lemon + Lime

· Vijohn Shave Foam Mint + Marine

· Vijohn Shave Foam Musk + Orange

The brand has a famous tagline ‘Makhan Shave’ and their products actually the of most makkhan shave’s in the country and across.

Vi-john shaving foam with mint provide cool and refreshing shave. The cool rich mint scented leather provides comfortable shave.

Vi-john shave Foam with musk and orange gives rich moisturizing foam for close shaving. Richer, longer — lasting lather holds up throughout your shave.

Vi-john Shaving Cream Lime Fresh- Take the first step of the day fashionably and with confidence. A rich and silky lather of the shaving cream that leaves an unmistakably clean skin, while the lime extracts, gently exfoliates your skin, removing dead cells and tanning, giving you an enriched and glowing smooth skin.

Vi- John entered in the market with only its shaving cream Vi-John regular, later according to the market advancement and demand; they introduced so many other flavour according to the skin requirements. The Vi-john products are skin friendly as they do not cause any type of skin irritation. Generally most of the Indian men have this complain that the saving creams give their skin irritation and roughness which they do not like, so keeping that in mind Vi-John came up with certain improvements I order to impress and facilitate India men.

Vi- John shaving cream has been endorsed by various Bollywood celebrities and right now it has Ayushmaan Khurana as his Brand ambassador.

To make the reach more influential Vi-John has made its products available online The products are also available on various other online websites.