Feather touch Hair Removal Cream- Honey Saffron

Choosing Good women beauty care products

We all are beautiful but we need something or the other to enhance that beauty that is when human’s creativity landed to beautiful creativity like skin care products, hair care products. Our daily lives are hectic and much polluted; hence we all need something that will work as a boon for our skin as well as our body and hairs. VI- John introduced these very revolutionary products.

Strawberry Body butter Jar with seed oil moisturises and protects skin. VI-JOHN’s Strawberry body butter cream is formed from essentially handpicked strawberries that soften and hydrate your skin.

VI-JOHN’s cocoa body butter softens and boosts your skin’s elasticity and suppleness. Its chocolate scent and other natural ingredients adds glow to your skin. Chocolate is skin-friendly ingredient that helps keeping your skin healthy, glowing and just flawless.

Saffron and almond body jar from VI-JOHN presents saffron and honey Body butter which soften and moisturizes your skin. This light feeling moisturizer is blended with pure saffron and almond oil to replenish your skin and sustain its youth. Is Available in 50 G

Almond Hair Oil

These products have natural ingredients like saffron, honey, cocoa and body butter that nourishes your body in this harsh season. These creams are suitable for both summer and winters.

Pros of using these products-

· Suitable for all skin type.

· Made with natural ingredients and natural extracts.

· No skin problems and irritation.

· Suitable for all seasons.

· Easily accessible.

All our products are available online on various shopping websites like snapdeal, flipkart, and amazon and also on vijohnkart.com

Not only female but these products are also available for Men too like the creams are like-

Amazing skin fairness cream, with great Skin Whitening Solution that is especially created for men. Cream is suitable for all Skin types. Contains smart naturalising optics and rejuvenates the skin instantly.

Then we have cobra cool talc for men Wear Cobra cool and chill out, get a cool and fresh persona that will make world get in awe of you. Sprinkle cobra cool powder over the affected area for relief from prickly heat, rash and burning Sensation. Its unique property of “Long lasting cooling freshness” gives quick relief from burning and itching caused due to prickly heat. Available in 100 G.

Not only these we also have summer cooler talcum powders that are like

22 degree extra thanda talcum powder made from Mother Nature’s best natural herbs, it helps in rejuvenating and revitalizing your mind and body every new day. The best formula to beat an Indian summer, Vi-John’s 22 Degree Talcum Powder is made with a combination of Neem, nature’s best provided antiseptic that soothes your skin from the burning sensation of heat and rashes, and sandal ( Chandan) extracts that provides the long lasting revitalization to your senses. The extra touch of mint envelopes you with the comforting coolness to prevent any further ill-effects of the summer heat and sweat-rashes.

Available in 100 Gm size.

There are products that are specially designed for the various occasions happening around you for the facial glow look. These products are very good for people who prefer light make-up and good presentation as there are a lot of situations when we don’t have enough time to go to the parlours.

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