TOP 10 Long Lasting Fragrance For Women

VI-John has a range of deodorants for women that have mild, soothing and natural smell, VI-John has considered very effectively that these deodorants are skin friendly and do not cause any dark patches or irritation to your skin. Now moving little further we would discuss what is the purpose of using deodorants-

· Most important thing less alcohol concentration which goes mild on the skin of the women.

· They do not have this strong smell that will wake up your neighbours, the whole purpose is that mild smell, that subsidises the bad odour and bacteria attack on your body.

· They are very good at masking smell and control sweat glands excess sweat secretion.

· Deodorants can be directly used on your body so they have a better control over your hormonal reaction and bacterial attack.

· Then again these deodorants are way price reasonable than those expensive perfumes.

· Best for daily use, you can easily carry them along without thinking much about other things.

Moving a little further let’s see the things you need to know before you start the application of deodorants-

· There are a lot of people who have problem of skin sensitivity so use of deodorants should be done very considerably.

· Always test first on your skin before buying; there can be things you are allergic to.

· Keep a desirable amount of gap when you spray that deodorant on your skin.

· Know the exact amount that has to used, no more no less.

· Always keep it distant from the eye contact and children’s reach.

· Buy the deodorants where the alcoholic concentration is less that might cause harm to you.

As we know what are the things you need to consider you can get all these qualities in VI-John’s whole fragrance range. These deodorants are made after so many tests and have equal amount of things needed to make a deodorant better and effective. Go to the sites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Shopclues etc. to buy your favourite fragrance from VI-John

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