Vi-John Top Celebrities Endorsement — Sunny Leone & Emraan Hashmi

VI-John Group has a perfect sense of responsibilities when it comes to having celebrities to endorse or believe in their legacy and the top notch products even in an international market.

When we talk about legacy that comes along with the products that the group has to offer. With each endorsement there is a face which comes with glamour, and a following of people believing in them.

When it comes to endorsements, nothing beats the charts like celebrities do. You say why? That’s because not only as celebrities they become a face, voice and recognition to the product but they also become a believer in the product. That’s where our audiences believe that if something that big or attractive can believe in a product so good that must be really good.

Vi-John as a brand being a believer in supreme quality always have the TOP CELEBRITIES ENDORSEMENT as event he celebrities are convinced with the product, it’s image and it’s legacy throughout the years.

With a huge variety of products come a huge variety of TOP CELEBRITIES being involved in endorsing the products so well that the marketing campaigns become a proof of the success achieved through the same.

Basically the whole mechanism of celebrities using their social status per say the fame among our Indian audiences to promote the product and even create an interesting awareness works really well especially for a well known company like Vi-John. Let’s us begin with one their top notch products in the women care that is the Feather touch hair removal, when the product itself sounds so effortless and smooth there is no one better than the gorgeous looking Sunny Leone. Her persona and aura speaks for herself and especially goes well with a product like Vi-John’s feather touch hair removal for women. The product endorsements just gets way better if the product involved speaks so much for itself, when we talk about the Feather touch hair removal range, the range has variety and quality that goes though our audiences . It leaves your skin fresher, smoother ad much younger giving you an experience to remember. With huge range like Cucumber & Aloe Vera for a soothing experience, to Haldi & Chandan for that extra glow, to Greek lemon for that extra shine on your legs.

Next up when we talk about the next product that is the range of Cobra Deodorants, with something this raunchy and powerful in the name itself we cannot think of someone better than Emraan Hashmi known for his peculiar style and appeal towards his audiences. Product that screams energy and probes you to enhance your sensuality it becomes a product version of a person and actor like Emraan Hashmi because his characters and persona screams sensuality and that cool yet naughty vibe.

Vi-John’s well sought after product the Shave foam, which describes ease and oozes out comfort there is an image of young and dynamic face like that of Ayushman Khurana. With a face like that the product tells you to turn your day to day shaving experience into a luxury!

One of the best internationally known products have the range of Winter care products like skin care with antiseptic creams and a lot of oral care products. Winters can be harsh but your products can comfort you like those of Vi-john’s winter care. Minissha Lamba as the brand ambassador and celebrity endorser for the entire winter care range just adds to the care and nourishment that the products speak for. Read more Clickhere

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