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Product Pipeline: Understanding the why what and how of websites. Part 1- The Why?

Website is an indispensable part of startup business and its success, both in terms of direct outcome and predictable future goals, depends substantially on how the website responds. Regardless of whether the idea is solely product or service or experience or a combination of any of these, website design and experience is one of the most significant aspects of business creation, generation and development. It thus becomes mandatory to understand as well as to analyse different aspects of product, hitherto referred to as website.

Before we discuss product in detail, let us recollect three inevitable queries pertaining to product development.

  1. WHY to a create a unique product?
  2. WHAT key attributes contribute to an optimum product?
  3. HOW to make a product user friendly and market adjustable? In short, how to create a responsive product?

Let us now try to address each query by answering a requisite question first


While transforming an idea into reality, the concept of the idea is delivered to the audience in form of a plan, a layout, using which the user is able to process desired outcome for example- Booking a ticket, Ordering food or simply reading a blog like in our case. Digitally speaking, this layout is called website. In other terms, product or website is that machine that produces desired goods upon receiving commands of instruction.

Isn’t it thus obvious that better machines would sell more? The answer is certainly yes. Just as design, complexity, efficiency, access to service pertaining to warranty, repair or refund are parameters to machine selling, websites have their own dimensions. and it is this difference in quality and magnitude of these dimensions that make a website unique in comparison to another website on similar idea. This brings us to answering the first question in line- Why a unique website?

Every minute a programmer is brainstorming, munching and firefighting over lines of code under the supervision and guidance of a product manager who after hours of comparison, analysis and reverse engineering has developed a road-map that shall distinguish his website from fellow competitors, hence making the website unique. Why else would a user shift his loyalty base in the first place? If there is no incentive in purchasing the machine, or in our case, using the website, the customer would effortlessly stay in the inertia of using the older one. Audience will scrutinize the new website in terms of features, facilities, user interface and several other instinctive parameters to decide whether switching to the new website for the same outcome prove beneficial or of any value addition or not. In a complimentary scenario, customers might use both the products if they offer time, mood or utility based varieties and options example- Whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, etc. Thus uniqueness is a must.