Tips for Making Notes in Competitive Exams — JEE NEET NTSE Olympiads

Revision is synonymous to notes. So, you must prepare your notes the right way so as to revise your lessons properly especially if you are preparing for competitive examinations such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, NTSE or Olympiads. Here are a few tips that should help in making notes for these competitive exams:

1. Write As You Learn

Jotting down points as you sit to learn your lessons does not only help you memorise them faster but also helps you prepare notes simultaneously. Try using this method of learning if you haven’t done it yet.

2. Use Simple Language

Do not copy the same bookish language in your notes. Read the text, understand it and then write it in your own language. This way you will be able to comprehend your notes easily and quickly as you sit to revise. It would speed up the revision process.

3. Maintain Good Handwriting

Preparing your notes in good handwriting is essential so that you do not have difficulty understanding them later.

4. Highlight the Important Parts

While your notes must include all the information, make a little effort to highlight the important part so that you can quickly run through it during the last days.

5. Use Different Inks

You wouldn’t like looking at the same dull and lengthy text every time you sit to revise. It is thus suggested to use different inks while preparing notes. Write down the headers and sub-headers with different colours and the rest of the content with a different colour. Make your notes look vibrant so that you feel like going through them again and again.

6. Cut it Short

It is a good idea to make the points shorter and shorter each time you revise the topics. This will help you prepare a ready reckoner that you can quickly give a glance at during the last few days. However, make sure you do not miss out on any point.

7. Strike Through

You may be having certain misconceptions about some terms, formulas or topics. A good way to clear the confusion is to write them down and then strike them through or put a big cross on them. So each time you look at them you will know what is right and what is not.