Hello, World !

My name is Vikas. I have been here for a while, mostly listening but I guess now is the time to engage in the conversation. I am a tall, lean guy from New Delhi (yes that is the 13th most polluted city in the world, so what?). I have changed many hats academically. From being enrolled as an English Honors Students at Hindu College in New Delhi (from which I dropped out after two weeks), I ended up majoring in Architectural Design.

me in 2013

What were the odds, I ended up securing a job with a leading Architectural firm in New Delhi. Life could not have been better, until 2015, where the mind grew out of the same traffic, same people, same projects. Same clients for three years with ongoing projects could be ………boring.

me in 2015

Disclaimer: Following is the boring story when exciting started to happen !
Time for a sabbatical. After 7 days on the couch, 40 movies and 8kgs later, I was to ready to go out of self-imposed prison. Design X Design, a decent event for designers, (perhaps the only one in New Delhi) was on. Here is when I got to meet a smashing head of hair and a petite, little sweetheart.

Don’t make fun of them, they are my future partners in crime, with whom I would rule the world. Our world was an 1800 sqft garage, which was earlier used to fabricate resistors, interesting right !

For the next 8 months, we were invested more in work than in life, guess life became work. Wait, there no need to be negative about it. If you have ever heard bizarre feats of non-human hours pulled off at work with a smile on their face, this was probably how these 8 months were to us.

For something that started as an Interactive Installation for kids at CEPT Ahmedabad, our practice had grown into dealing with more complicated Interactive Technologies for giants like Publicis and Air BnB.
Now I am in Pittsburgh, enrolled as a graduate student at CMU. I like this town. New experiences are about to unfold, let’s go for a ride !

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