Demonic Deception”- My New horror project-Prologue


I ran as hard and as fast as I could as I had to be there before it happened. I had to stop what was going to happen in there. After running a kilometer or two Finally I reached to the outskirts of the park which leads to the house which I need to be in before it began to happen.

The Park was a mess of a place to be in. It looked like as if no one had stepped foot in it for a long time. It was a kind of park where people come with their kids in their time of leisure, parents visit hoping to get some peace from their usual works and duties. where as kids visit to have some fun and forget all the things they had to go through while at the school or at home watching their parents shouting at each other as if they were going to tear each other out.

The kids would have some fun while parents would go for a walk around the park and fetch some fresh air from the trees surrounding them and relax on the seating bench provided in the park and watch the beautiful scenarios around the park giving our mind refreshment and relief from our day-to-day activities.

These parks usually consisted a seesaw, merry-go-round, swing set, slide, jungle gym, chin-up bars, sandbox, spring rider, monkey bars. All were here except for the kids and their parents who they come along with.

The park had been completely abandoned, no one came in or went out, filled with long overgrown grass all around the place except for the patch of ground where kids play around. The breeze from the wind felt as though it was trying to say something to me and the lamps in the park were as if trying to have a conversation with the empty park with no one else but them around.The one half of the seesaw had been broken down and had fell apart on the sandbox on the other side of the seesaw, on the far side one of the two chains connecting to a swing set had been broken down and the seat had been hanging using the chain on the other side of it.

There was a Notice board hanging on a post up ahead at the entrance to the park,I had not noticed it before but it read " Government site, any one trespassing will be taken into custody and prosecuted with the highest order". Well I thought the statement as wrong as I had already trespassed into the park and there was no legal action taken on me by anyone until now.

It was a hot summer afternoon, hence there were no one to be seen outside the park either which in turn was an advantage on my side as I had to be as discreet as I could. No matter what I shouldn't be seen or caught by anyone in order to complete the mission I am here for. The mission which in case of a failure will put my whole life into a misery.

I moved as fast as I could further into the park but slowed down due to the overgrown grass which was blocking my way. I pushed my self forward and forward through the grass, when suddenly I heard behind me the clanking of the swing set chains which was untouched by me still it sounded like it moved rapidly as if some one had been there moving it around pushing it back and front. But as I looked back there was no one beside the swing set and it was still as if it has not been touched in ages then how did I hear it swing it can't be just a dream after all this after what I had to go through.

I had no time to think it over Hence In the mean time I sneaked up further and took cover behind a wall which was connected to the back gate of the park where I saw the same notice board on a similar light post which was at the front gate of the park reading the same notice as the previous one at the front. There was a road right in front of the back gate.

Across the road was a house which was enormous and beautiful. The shadow of the house was caste upon the road in front of it and widened all the way towards me. Hence,I was clearly covered from darkness behind the walls making me invisible.

It was an enormous two storey building which stood right in front of me. it had an enlarged double car parking garage on the lower right end of the building and right on top of it in the upper floor is a balcony with an open glass door covered by a curtain from inside. The whole building was made of bricks and was painted blue with a roof made out of hard asbestos painted red in colour, which is intact one of my favourates.

The house was now empty as the one who lives there has gone out and will be here in few minutes from now. This is where it all began, this is where it is going to happen and which I am here to intervene.

I will have to stop it or else it cannot be changed for eternity. My Name is Vijay Sharma and this is the world I live in, in! The world of misery and the sins of the past. people living in this world don't change they tend to do their past sins again and again until they live their last breath but for some may be even after their last breath. This is where it all started this is the beginning!!