Let’s call him “Ignorant Chacha.” He abhors reading, books, philosophy, mathematics, and all things presumably intellectual. Yet, he admires the power of an IAS officer.His favorite pastime is neighborhood surveillance, lecturing young and vulnerable minds (making them even more corrupt in the process) and investment in real-estate. He intuitively knows the increasing value of land in upcoming few years, but ironically unware of his possible death in hands of land maphia. For him real value of education lies in making one able to speak English. Ignorant of mathematics, he only thinks intuitively and frequently draws wrong conclusions.

His is a mind burdend with century old beliefs, struggling in the age of rapid technological growth. He abhors experimentation but loves certitude in his dealings. Ironically, the only certainty is death, and this fact is going to hit him hard some day!

But our ‘Ignorant Chacha’ thinks different. In his megalomaniac universe, he is the future owner of a hundred acre farmhouse. “Money can buy everything,” he says when he exhausts his limited repository of rustic proverbs and his even more limited brain capacity.

In this series of discussion and stories I will tell you about absurdity of Ignorant Chacha’s life and existence. Especially interesting would be his search for a prospective son-in-law. Keep visiting this space to know more about “Ignorant Chacha.” For my non-hindi friends, (Chacha= Uncle)