Writing about writing: Insights on how to be a better writer

Writing isn’t a one way road. It’s a process that culminates myriad of creative ideas into an intelligible, knowledgeable, and entertaining permutation of words. It’s actually a tough job if you’re as stiff as a china bowl. To develop good content irrespective of the platform, you need to be the water in that china bowl that can take the shape of any container it is introduced to. Empty your mind and unhook it from the outside world to let your artistic thoughts juice up your brain. Writers often overlook a lot of things that stops then from reaching their true potential. This is why I’d like to share some advice on how aspiring writers can improve themselves.

1. Don’t throw away your unfinished work that you don’t agree with. Keep them as a reference for your future projects. 
2. Read more and write more. The television can deprive you of your creativity, so avoid it!
3. As a corollary to ‘emptying your mind’, you have to cut your connection to the outside world when you’re writing. That means no cellphones or internet unless you need to research. 
4. Avoid flashiness with a pretentious choice of words. Readers need to understand the message you’re trying to convey. Many writers face the axe from publishing houses and critics when it comes to vocabulary. 
5. Avoid overusing adverbs since it dilutes your content. Long paragraphs can hamper the flow of your story as well. Moreover, steer clear from clichés. 
6. Get ready for criticism and failure. It’s common in a writer’s life. The trick is to take them in good spirits and to use them constructively. 
7. ‘Inspirations’ from other authors can be really harmful for your career as a writer. People are paying to read your book for originality, not for a bland imitation.

Let me know what you think about this list in the comments!