5 Factors to Consider When Buying A Split Air Conditioner

Summers are here and so is the sweltering heat. A split air conditioner is a great appliance to keep this heat at bay. If you have been planning to buy one for long, perhaps now is the time. At Homeshop18, you can choose from a wide range of split and window ACs and get better discounts as compared to any other online electronics shop. Buying through Homeshop18 also means that you don’t have to step out in this heat to go to a brick and mortar outlet. As buying a split AC, is a major investment, you need to examine various factors before making an investment in a split AC. Here are five of them.

1. Tonnage

The first thing you need to do is check the tonnage of the air conditioner you want to buy. The tonnage that will suit your room depends on several factors such as floor type and room area. For a fair analysis, 1 ton capacity is enough for 1000 cubic feet volume. So, a room with 1500 cubic feet volume will require 1.5 ton split AC. A standard 1.5 ton AC is sufficient to serve most people’s purpose of cooling a room efficiently.

2. Star Ratings

BEE star ratings are awarded by an independent body in that help determine the efficiency of electronic products. This is why it is important to consider the star ratings of the split AC.These ratings range from two to five. Ideally, you should go a 5-star rating split AC if want to cut down your electricity bills.

3. Types

There are four kinds of split ACs available: wall mounted, floor mounted, cassette, and portable.Wall mounted and cassette variants are most popular among people. Wall mounted ACs are suited for homes whereas cassette ACs are used in commercial buildings and structures with large spaces.

4. Zones

Zones is one of the vital factors you need to consider when buying a split AC. Split ACs’ zones vary from one to three. A single zone AC is sufficient to cool one room. Basically, one zone split AC means it has one air handler and similarly a dual zone variant has two air handlers.

Think of it like this: you need one air handler per room in your home.

5. Tubing

Buying a split air conditioner comes with additional expenses such as tubing. Tubing is used to channel water from the inside of the AC to outside your home. Tubing required will depend on the lengths of space between the AC and the outlet. Always factor in such costs when deciding on a budget for the AC.

Wrap Up

These are the five major factors you need to consider when buying a split AC for your home or office. Consider other features too, such as temperature control and examine it for noise levels. Buy online at HomeShop18, and enjoy offers deals and offers on electronic products ranging from washing machines to refrigerators.