Atomizer Vs Cartomizer Vs Clearomizer: How to Tackle Your Confusion

Sep 20, 2018 · 3 min read
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For the first time users, buying a vaping device and using it can be confusing. Learning about the different parts of a device, batteries, e-juices and its strengths and flavors become even more difficult for them. However, for the first time users, the most difficult decision is to make the right choice between atomizers, cartomizers and clearomizers.

The basic role of these three is the same, which makes it more difficult for the vapers to choose the one. They atomize e-liquid to create vapor.

Before going further, you need to know that all vaping devices need an atomizer to work. Both cartomizers and clearomizers have atomizers that vaporize e-liquid.

Atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizer: An overview

The Atomizer, cartomizer and clearomizer are the parts that you screw on a battery to produce vapor from e-liquid. They work on the same principle of heating e-liquid and producing vapor.

1. Atomizer:

There are different types of atomizers available in the market. Most people choose cartomizer that is a cartridge with a built-in atomizer. However, there are the top coil, bottom coil, horizontal coil, dual coil and vertical coil atomizers in it. To put it simply, we can say that atomizer uses a very small gauge wire (that works as a heating element) to vaporize the e-juice irrespective of whether it is built into a cartomizer or in a unique one.

You can find atomizers in both the two-piece and three-piece vaping devices. However, for the two-piece vaping device, atomizer does not have a bigger role. You have to pay special attention to the atomizer in case of the three-piece vaping device. In the three-piece e-cig, the atomizer works as a stand-alone piece.

The advantages of atomizer:

=> An atomizer is perfect for dripping. That means you can try different flavors’ e-juice without getting the flavor retained from the previous one.

=> It is popular because of its easy and simple design

=> They are cost-effective

=> It is extremely easy to refill an atomizer

The disadvantages of atomizer:

There is no such disadvantage of an atomizer. However, the following points might be considered as the drawbacks of using an atomizer based vaping device –

=> You need to refill the atomizer continuously if you vape a lot

=> There are some models of atomizers that are rebuildable. However, they require considerable skill.

=> It is difficult (not impossible) to assume the amount of e-liquid left inside.

2. Cartomizers:

Cartomizers are almost similar to atomizer when it comes to design. The only difference is that they have polyfill soaks e-liquids that gives you a longer vaping experience. There are some models that have a larger cylindrical tank to hold a larger amount of e-juice.


=> It can hold more e-liquid and give you a longer vaping experience

=> They are affordable

=> Easy and convenient to rebuild

=> Easy to refill


The drawbacks of cartomizers are –

=> They are not suitable for heavy vaping

=> If you want to try different flavors, the previous flavor might retain into the present one.

=> The polyfill material might make the e-juice flavor dull.

3. Clearomizer:

This is the newest edition in the vaping market. They are cylindrical and feature a pyrex glass or polycarbonate plastic tank. Since the tank is clear and transparent, you can easily see the level of e-juice inside.

Advantages of clearomizers:

=> Larger capacity to hold e-juice

=> The level of e-juice, left in the tank, can easily be tracked.

=> They have a longer life-cycle

=> Some models are rebuildable and they come with replaceable coil

=> They offer a superior flavor

Disadvantages of clearomizers:

=> They are more expensive than the rest two options

=> Like cartomizer, they retain flavor from the previous e-juice

=> Some models are prone to leak the liquid

=> You might have to tip clearomizer to absorb the leftover e-liquid

Make your choice wisely to find the best one for your vaping device. However, if you want an enjoyable vaping experience in budget, an atomizer would be perfect for you.

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