Underestimation Locks Women Out. Open The Gates, AFL — Or Women Will Rip Them Down.
Asher Wolf

Glad you enjoyed the game — you’re kind of the AFLW target audience! Hopefully you’ll go to a few more this season and drag some of your non-footy-watching friends with you.

I do think your article is a tad bit unfair to the AFL, however. The gates were shut on the orders of Victoria Police, because the venue had reached (if not exceeded) its maximum capacity. Australia’s never had anything like the Hillsborough disaster and I don’t think we need to start now. The best-attended women’s game last year drew only 6,500 people and most media outlets were predicting 10–15,000 for this game, so the AFL’s estimate was based on solid reasoning. They *could* have shifted the game to an even larger stadium (they had already shifted it once), but the only larger venues in Melbourne are Etihad Stadium and the MCG. Even with the thousands of people who were locked, the total crowd last night would have been 27,000, which is only half of Etihad’s capacity. A game in a full stadium looks and sounds a lot better than one that is held in a stadium that’s half-empty. Also, a lot of the appeal of the game was the fact that it was held in a suburban venue, so it’s not certain that the same 27,000 would have shown up.

Just so you’re aware, this is probably the sort of pedantry you can expect on any further sport-related articles you publish!

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