How to Index Backlink Super Fast in Google

So do you want to index your backlink? Right.

Till now, you have made many backlinks for your blog, website, and now wanted to index them, then you are at right post.

Why to Index backlinks?

Why backlink indexing is important? Backlink indexing is important because no-index links are nothing.

For better understanding, You have given more time to create backlink and now what is the benefit of those links if those are not indexed.

So for getting benefit, for getting results, you need to index backlinks.

Method of backlink Indexing

There are many different method for indexing backlinks.

Google Console

Web 2.0


Backlink Indexer

Google Console

In this method. You need to submit links one by one manually.

Go to, and search submit site to google.

Now you have to manually enter the link where you made backlinks.

Then verify you are not robot, and click submit.

Web 2.0

In this method, you have to create a blogger blog. Like

Create any blog.

Click to make a new post.

Inside post body paste all the link where you made link. and hit publish.


In tweet method.

Choose any trending hashtag.

and then tweet your link with that hashtag. Your backlink will be index superfastly.

Backlink Indexer

If you want to save your time, don’t want to index link one by one. Then backlink indexer is easy and high result oriented method.

You just need to have one backlink indexing tool.

Time Saving

Time Saving Process

Accurate Result

Accurate Result

So here, on my blog, I have done one experiment using backlink indexer. You may check it out.

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