Democracy from different perspective

One of the greatest myths about democracy-started largely by the Left(who follow socialism and communism) in the 19th and early 20th centuries and continued with a twist by the Right(mainly talking about Narendra Modi and Donald trump) into the 21st — relates to the most common rationale behind it. The people are always right,claimed the Left in the past.The market,or the consumer,is always right,claims the capitalist Right today,tweaking the Leftist argument cleverly.
Democracies are not necessary because people are always right: if we were certain of being right all the time, we would not need any political organisation at all, let alone a democracy.we would be gods.Democracy is necessary because people -groups and individuals-can be wrong.Hence,in a democracy one learns to live with one’s opponent, not exile or murder them.
Democracy is the only political option that allows us to mitigate the effects of our own mistakes, and the mistakes of others. Democracy is necessary not because human beings are always right,but because human beings are often wrong. 
History is full of brilliant people-’great’ leaders , scientist , thinkers, planners-who helped destroy a village, a nation or an age.A king or Dictator can make a mistake as well as the majority of voters in an election who vote in a party or a leader with bad plans.But in a democracy,after a period, during the next elections,such mistakes can be corrected.A democracy,in other words,allows us to regularly check the mistakes we make-bloodlessly-and correct them when their disastrous consequences become finally clear to us.