Is Change Too Fast or Are We Too Slow To Learn?

Businesses and People keep talking about Change and their concerns about the change. But CHANGE has been the norm since ages, and hence it’s not just CHANGE but the RATE OF CHANGE that is bothering us. As a civilization, there have been many changes in past centuries and decades and most people sooner or later acclimatize themselves as per the changing environment.

But in the recent decade due to the advent of technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, the outreach of mobile devices etc, the rate of change has gone so high that many businesses and people are finding it difficult to manage those changes with their old age processes, mindset and working practices. Hence they started blaming the fast change environment for their struggle.

A true leader does not blame the environment but always focus on their strategy to not just manage the change but capitalize on it. Because during the same period of change, there are victims of change and there are winners because of Change. Hence the KSA i.e. Knowledge Skill & Attitude of leaders, plays critical role in the business ability to work in fast changing environment.

I strongly believe that “To Become a Leader, Learn Like a Leader”. Hence I started interviewing and analyzing Leaders, about their learning preferences as part of “Leadership Learning Series”. After interviewing leaders from three continents I can say that “What, Why & How” of Learning is very different in case of “Leaders” when compared to the common perception of “Learning” as known to many.

In my next article, we would deep dive into the “Learning Diet of World Leaders” to understand their “What, Why & How” of Learning. In my further articles, we would also cover that how during the time of Mahabharata (a great war that fought around 5000 years ago in India), different leaders adopted different styles of learning in spite of the odds that they were faced with.