First, talk to your users

Recently, got a chance to work on a hotel product. The problem was to understand user problems and increase conversion. Just sharing the initial journey here.

User need analysis


Method: Personal interviews

Number of people contacted: 25

1. Personal interviews: 10

2. Telephonic interviews: 15


The personas below represent real people out of the group contacted with different personality traits and travel needs. Sharing four along with the conversations held with them.

Persona One
Persona 2
Persona 3
Persona 4

User needs

The user needs listed below are based on above personas and other interactions held with these set of users during the process.

1. As a traveler I want the best hotel that suits my requirements as quickly as possible so that I spend less time researching.

2. As a traveler I want reviews and recommendations from people I know so that I can be sure of unbiased feedback.

3. As a business traveler I want a hotel near my desired location so that I can cut out local commuting time.

4. As a budget traveler I want a value for money deal so that I can travel to my favorite spot without breaking the bank.

5. As a traveler I want the services and facilities to be the same as promised on the site so that I get exactly what I wanted and hence can enjoy the overall experience.

6. As a visitor I would like to have a complete breakdown of all charges, including cancellation charges, so that I can plan as per the actual expenses.

7. As a leisure traveler I want you to give me comprehensive information about destinations that can easily be consumed so that I can have full control over the data and I can find exactly what I want of my own.

8. As a business traveler I want to book a hotel as quickly as possible so that I can focus more on my business.

9. As a leisure traveler I want more and more feedback from real visitors so that I can get more clarity about the hotel and I can decide accordingly.

10. As an occasional leisure traveler I want local support so that I can take his help whenever required.

11. As a traveler I don’t mind you trying upselling me if there is something special on the plate without much difference in the price so that I don’t miss out on anything that adds value to my experience.

12. As a traveler I want more information about things to do at that place so that I can plan accordingly.

Product Vision

To help travelers book their stay anywhere easily with confidence.

Product Strategy — Designed key focus areas that need to be targeted immediately.

1. Improve discovery:

If your user is not able to find what he wants in the easiest possible manner, the problem is critical. The strategy is to work on these areas to fix it:

· User behavior mapping

· Enhance filters

· Enhance similar hotels comparison

· Instant booking

· Optimize instant booking in App

2. Increase conversion:

After fixing discovery, which we assume will fix the drop offs to some extent, the conversion funnel can be further optimized by working more on recommendations and identifying and improving key trust enablers.

3. Create new acquisition channels:

Check from where users are reaching us. Optimize those channels first. Further look out for new possible channels too.

· To cater all possible user segments

· Enhance local reach

· Increase the number of hotels on the platform

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