PL/SQL Developer Jobs available in the growing IT cities

A software developer is responsible for the success of a software development project along with the support for production development. The developer has to participate in software designs as well as solutions and he is a very important person to drive the company forward. Not only developing software, he has to take up a lot of responsibilities in the team so that a very high quality and managed service solution can be provided to the clients. The PL/SQL Developer Jobs in Mumbai and also available in cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. Since in places like Noida and Pune, IT industry is growing rapidly, the demand for developers are also there.


The responsibilities as mentioned before are not little. They include different aspects of the whole process of software development.

• Designing of all the SQL requirements. After designing there is also a need to implement and perform all the tests and also evaluate all code after which he has to facilitate the necessary approval for the same.

• Ensuring that there is compliance for all the requirements and also maintains accuracy for the same. Also, designing all the technical system documents along with the architectural standards.

• Maintaining the record for all the maintenance release for all applications and also maintaining the knowledge of all the enhancements added.

• Not only maintaining, but also recommending enhancements to all designs and also prepare software for the purpose of all reuse.

• Resolving all the emergency production issues and also ensure appropriate resolution of all the issues that have came up within the stipulated timeframe.

• Documenting all the designs as well as performing all kind of unit tests and also develop relevant and appropriate applications.

• Designing the code for all the system design. Also, preparing efficient interfaces for different application programs.

• Developing new programs as well as codes for all the previously existing ones and also prepares all the technical specifications for different applications along with ensuring that everything is in adherence to the project timeframe.

• Developing all the SQL servers in accordance to the standards and also recommending the proper changes as well as providing efficient training to all the users so that they could assist in conversion of all systems.


• Clear and fluent English communication skills
• University degree or diploma in Information Technology
• Oracle Certified Training in Advanced Course
• Strong PL and SQL skills