Get All the services related to FCRA Registration in India, Income Tax in India, TDS in Delhi

We have ample of experiences in providing financial services to all types of clients. We have a team of experts who are capable of handling current situation and get their project report ready according to the types of consumers and their respective work. The agreement of loan has many things like the limit of cash credit, project loan, and term loan. We also offer the valuation of shares to all the clients who are dealing with the business of stock market. FCRA Registration in India, Income Tax in India, TDS in Delhi is one the difficult process to get you registered and follow all the compliance laid by the government of India. It can be done online as well.

  1. The preparation of Project
  2. Arrangement of Loan — Term Loan, Cash Credit, and Project loan
  3. The exact Valuation of Shares
  4. Tie-ups of Export/Tie-ups of Imports
  5. Project Identification and concept for the selection.
  6. Monitoring and Loan Appraisal
  7. Analysis of financial viability
  8. Representation and Document with financial institutions
  9. Approval of Govt. Departments for various type of work.
  10. Concept for the selection

Income Tax Services
We are expert in providing income tax services to all type of clients like individual persons, small scale business which is very effective and efficient highly. We offer many types of services like tax return preparation, assessment, TDS and Tax compliance, appeals of income tax, fringe benefit, etc.

  1. Income Tax return preparation
  2. The work of Assessment
  3. Providing consultation on the planning of tax and all the tax related matters.
  4. Consultancy of foreign taxation
  5. Appeals of Income Tax before CIT
  6. TDS and Tax Compliance
  7. Pricing issues of Transfer
  8. Objections to DRP, TP Assessment, TP study and TP Report.
  9. TDS Rates for Non- Residents as per income tax act 1961

Nature of Payment

  1. Capital Gains which are long term u/s 115E
  2. Other types of Long Term Gains
  3. Short term types of Capital Gains
  4. Foreign Exchange Assets from all the income of Investment.
  5. The interest which is payable on borrowed money or Foreign Currency Debt.
  6. Royalty Fees and Technical Services
  7. Money earned from Lotteries
  8. Money made from Crossword Puzzles
  9. Money received from Horse Races
  10. Other Types of Income

About Us 
We offer all kinds of financial services like FCRA Registration in India, Income Tax in India, and TDS in Delhi. All these services are provided by the team of experts who possess the vast experience of all the rules and regulations of tax and FCRS, TDS procedure to give the full benefit to the clients.