Сalligraphy & Lettering workshop in Poland fairy tale

From third till eigth December we were working on calligraphy workshop which was organized by Typo Pracownia in Poland, far away from civilization, on the beautiful edge of the world.

On the first day we started with the lecture about history of writting

continued with practicing the gothic script on big format.
Textura is the best variant for begginers because this script is modular and easy

graffiti markers also polular instruments for the practicing on the big format canvases

and writing on walls too…

One day, George D. Matthiopoulos (greek font and book designer)made a lecture about history of greek scripts and typefaces greek letters. And after he took part on our cource of writting gothic penmanship with all students. He was one of the most talented and plodding student by the way

Some words about the place of our workshop: this was a beautiful place in green mountains, nearby Szklarska Poręba not far from the border with the Czech Republic and Germany. Every morning we were walking in the forest before the workshop, this was the reason why we got excellent results ☺

Few words about the house, we stayed in for 5 days students and teachers. This was a crazy and beautiful place, ohoho, on the first day, seemed that we got into horror movie, but later we got used to it and didn’t want to go

this is a toilet!!!

aaaa, we really miss the dinner cooked by pan professor Krzysztof Kochnowicz! He had conquered our stomachs…and hearts ☺

And the most important is the workshop was the results, who earned!
On the last day each of the participants created their logo, based on the Gothic script and Cancellaresca Script

Work by Ania Kabuła
Work by Natalia Łajszczak
Work by Pola Białkowska
by Oleksandr Stavnichuk
Work by Adela Madej
Work by Anna Rabczuk
Work by Maciej Polczynski
Work by Bartosz
Work by Lena Sturmankinova
Work by Karolina Palka
Work by Szymon Sznajder
Work by Joanna Angulska
Work by Ksenia Chernolyakhova
Fast work by Viktoriya Grabowska
Ambigram by Ada Strzelczyk
Work by Robert Jarzec
Work by Beata Kurek

I want to share feedback from one beautiful girl (sorry, still we are very impressed by her words so far):

Hello Vika and Vitalina,
I hope you are having safe travel home! I wanted to say thank you for your amazing workshops and for sharing so much of your experience and passion. You brought so much energy, and to work with you was real fun! These were obviously the best caligraphic workshops I’ve ever attended. Hopefully we will meet again someday!

Thanks a lot Typo Pracownia and Academy of Fine Arts (Poznan, Poland) and individual thanks for Viktoriya Grabowska and professor Krzysztof Kochnowicz. Thank you for the great welcoming and friendly-professional communication. You are very cool, thank you!