Our trip in Chișinău / Moldova

So, we are back for the winter trip to usual for us Kishinev.
And we’ll remember it for a long time. Its not our first time in Kishinev. We have already met with this group of guys from different design agencies. In the summer we came to Kishinev with the Latino pisanino subject, now we have chose Calligraphic Gothic. We had time to become friends and work together. Organizers of the event — our favorite Studio 43'oz in the face of Alexander Kudimskiy and his tireless staff, thank you for the work!

This time the classes were held in the cult place T5 / Tipografia5,
cozy, informal, as needed for comfort. The day was taking classes, evening concerts and parties. A few shots from a workshop (photo by All the fun):

there is also an interview by portal All fun, unfortunately after numerous edits remained taste of pathos, but anyway, you can read it here

There is also more truthful interview from Locals.md, the text together with photos and a video of the process of painting the walls here.
Photos from the Locals.md:

Saturday evening came to a party, the performance was by the local band MecHad and team from Romania JAVRA, as a part of a program of Jazz wave festival. We liked it. But more energy we gained from Ronin (DJ set/MD), not the best photo but good memories:

с Ингой, Никитой, Zozik-ом

and finally the last day of the workshop. Finished recipe in texture and Fraktur-forms and began sketches for compositions for the walls. Wall all this time was behind the participants, so it was convenient at once to draw up ideas. The guys a couple of hours worked on the sketches, we commented them, took the best aspects of different compositions and were determined with the final option

After three hours we started to paint the wall. Due to the fact that the work was collective time we clearly was not enough, but we coped with it

And here are the final versions. Those inscriptions which are written by silver are common. Each one chose for himself one or two words and wrote in hashtag, which is applicable to Tipografia5 place. And the name itself we did by our own.

Thanks a lot to Alexander, Michael, Irene, and all of our friends!
There is no photo of Georgiy Kuznetsov, but we also were glad to meet him, thanks for the interesting time.
Wait for the summer and already think on the topic!
We were offered a sharp pen and brush-pen, if interested, will do.


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