On the Cusp of an AI Revolution

The journey is 1% finished

Marc says that consumers will expect more businesses to “anticipate their needs and provide instant, personalized responses to any query.” When Salesforce talks about how AI technology can impact businesses and customers, the broader tech industry should join the conversation. Having spent my formative years at the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab under Patrick Winston, the Director of the Lab who pioneered, along with Marvin Minsky, some of the earliest theories of machine intelligence and human learning — it’s heart-warming to see AI getting to early commercialization. Our company, Onboardify, which partners with Salesforce, is an app for organizing all customer conversations, no matter where it happens. While we make business-to-customer communications very personal and fine-grained — businesses also need to make customer communications cost-effective, i.e., not require more human beings to communicate with customers. This requires AI to predict things like which customer conversations should send notifications to the right stakeholders, or decide when to handle inquiries by humans instead of by bots. The balance between using AI to scale, and using communication technologies like Onboardify for personalization, needs to be struck. And we’re just getting started with AI and personalization in the CRM world.