What Comes After Health? Everything!

In February, 2017 I wrote How I Got Serious About my Health. I am really proud of the value it brought to many of you who read it. The comments and personal notes feel great! Thank you. I also had a handful individuals reach out to partner with Arivale. All around a win-win-win!

Since that post, a common question I receive is: “So now what? You made some clear strides in your area of health & fitness. What’s next?”

“What’s next?” started last March — a year ago — when I knew I would achieve my vision of my health & fitness and was asking this very question. What’s next is everything. What’s next is studying the mind. Allow me to explain.

Why study the mind?

I came to believe that the powerhouse of influence over myself was my mind. And I was looking for the tools to help my go from optimizing my wellness to optimizing my life. Consciously and subconsciously the mind does a lot and if I could find a way to take control of it (or, train it) then maybe there was more to unlock. If I could do the same for the rest of my life that I had done for my health, what would this mean to me? And, I also thought, how much more could there be: family, friends, money, career. It shouldn’t be too hard, right?

Rewind back to February of last year and I was thinking on a comment a friend had made and was doing a little bit of learning and came across this framework (that I continue to stick with):

Results are guided by
Actions which are guided by
Language which is guided by
Thoughts which are guided by

This is the framework I used to transformed my health. First I went to my belief system — my operating system. What I discovered led me to understand why I was getting the results I was getting. Second, I crafted a vision for my health and instead of forcing change — which never lasts for me — I spent a few months transforming my beliefs to be in greater alignment with my vision. Once the beliefs shifted, the thoughts/language/actions all fell like dominos and the results came! I’ll share with you some example of old and new beliefs below.

Old beliefs

  • I have to work as many hours as I can, at all costs. #Hustle (I’m sure hashtag was in there somewhere)
  • Coffee will give me the energy I need to get through the day
  • There will always be time later to workout
  • I’ll eat what there is when I need to (and croissants are my favorite thing!)
  • This is just what comes with age

New beliefs

  • My body’s a temple and must be treated with love
  • Hydration is the key to outstanding health
  • Eating food to support my vision will have a compounding effect on my energy levels

Can you see how these beliefs would lead to different actions and results? If not, please let me know.

This powerful stuff! How awesome that anyone can do this!

Success & Expansion

The success came and as the months went by I observed continued subtle shifts in mindset. Not only that, as my vision shifted to reality I was building stronger evidence for my new beliefs. Along the way I continued to dive deeper into power of mind. I had lots of questions. What else could I unlock? I was curious: could there be more? Would it be tangible? Or, was this all going to be fluff? I mean, was I just going to find out I just needed to meditate more? Repeat endless affirmations? As I built momentum in health and fitness and began to understand power of mind I knew what to ask next. Where were things lacking that I could turnaround quickly? Where were things good that I could transform into outstanding? Were there areas of my life that were in poor shape that I could turnaround?

I learned that in addition to health and fitness there are twelve other areas of my life I wanted to transform: my intellect, emotions, character, spiritual life, love relationship, parenting, social life, relationship, career/work/mission, finances, quality of life, and time. I won’t lie — this seemed daunting and on some days still does! Additionally I looked at my life holistically to see what could have been missed. I spent time doing a similar exercise for each category as that I did for my health.

I uncovered uncharted territory. There were so many existing beliefs in each area — and it was interesting to understand where they came from. Vision needed to be created for each area. Like with health, each of these areas had many beliefs preventing me from achieving the vision. In many areas there was no vision. I’m not judging. Just relaying facts.

What rose to the surface after taking inventory late last year was the area of time. I’ll skip the details for now, but suffice it to say where I once had a terrible relationship with time, it is now better and trending to outstanding. Before: The headline was, none of it was mine. Now: I own it all, I have a lot of it, and I’m so close to taking it another few steps!

And I haven’t stopped there. I’ve continued to build on the momentum by going after the other areas with similar intention.

So, if you see me showing up more, or differently, it’s because I’m working on it!

How does this help you?

I believe health is the foundation for everything. Optimizing health gives you energy, vitality, longevity. One new belief I have is that I can control my biological age. Another I have is that the more energy I spend, the more I get. I know some of you are already there and this post was meant for you. If you are working on your health please note that you when you achieve your goals in this area of your life I believe you will unlock a massive amount of potential.

So, what comes after health? Everything. Everything comes after health. Health is the foundation. And everything is wide open after that. This isn’t a write up to make you do anything. I’m aware that you have a lot of priorities taking up your time. For this reason alone I appreciate you taking the time to read. I’m not here to convince you or to sell you (two things I’m outstanding at by the way). I’m here to show you what’s working for me. I’m hoping you consider something new. I’m hoping this is good for thought. I’m hoping you see life isn’t at all how you see it.

Do I believe what I’m writing about is universal? I’m strongly leaning this way, but I don’t have too many data points. I have me, a few others, but by no means do I have hundreds, or millions. I haven’t talked about this work I’m doing for almost a year or two. The health write up was the first. I’ll share more. I hope you’ll help me. I have strong need to contribute to the world, grow, have strong connection with people and share love. And interacting with people gives me fuel, gives my energy.

If you know someone who would get value from this post please share. Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.