Taking criticisms on social media

The process of digesting a critic is very difficult for any performer. With the advent of social media any one can be a performer, mostly it comes to everyone being a critic.

How it usually begins:

The person begins with his take on something he likes or dislikes. His opinion matters to few and for the ones who don’t, they’re in for a treat. The comment box is their home ground, they take it up like personal vengeance if it’s some idol we were talking about. Racial discrimination, verbal abuse and so many other things gets lined up there. I was curious and recently made a post about a movie I saw and then to my surprise it went well.

The Act:

Having seen my post, people on my friend list took it well. A few didn’t. But I wondered how a person’s mind works when he is given something to comment upon. Since social media is like a buffet and anyone can take a bite or a hit, I think one must not take up an issue on the social media. Each and everyone have their own view on topics they like.

Mostly I’m told that and sometimes only that.

Each and everyone have their own view.

Then why this confusion? The media takes on what people have to say and makes it money. Aren’t you playing with people’s head and eventually making them the victim?

Coming back to people reacting, it could be because of the social gestures that they are exposed to, the people they are friends with, the books they read, the music they listen to and how they even sleep all has an influence on how they react to different circumstances they are thrown in. An introvert can become an absolute extrovert on social media.

Funny that extroverts stay out of chaos online. Because that reflects on them more than what they do in real life.

And even more surprisingly, I’m never going to stop writing, reviewing, analyzing, binge drink and make love while making music. Ultimately it’s about you and only you. Criticisms are meant to be as it’s become an integral part, as everyone has a say on what everyone does. It’s up to us to decide what to take in.