Why did a company that spent great sums of borrowed money but failed to ever become a viable business, receive such diligent press attention from start to finish
The Rise and Fall of YPlan Is The Most Boring Tech Story Ever
Nandini Jammi

Easy. Pretty much the ONLY stories the tech press seems to write about are VC-backed companies and their funding. The act of raising venture capital is so over-romanticized, by the press and by entrepreneurs. Revenue, growth, actual interesting IP or real customers, are so much better to write about. But it’s hard to get data on that. Raising capital is a clearly identifiable event and easily publicized.

And, as a founder of yet another event discovery app some years back, I’m not surprised YPlan went under. It’s not a market for startups, as I wrote awhile back: https://medium.com/@viking2917/so-you-re-thinking-about-a-things-to-do-app-f31d2a608580#.ix4jom3v1

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